FORTRESS OF KLIS – SALONA – TROGIR (daily excursion)

Klis daily excursionMeeting point on Riva, Split. Private transfer will take you to fortress of Klis (tour, museum, possibility of shooting). Possibility of lunch in Klis. Next stop is Salona (tour). Last stop is Trogir before returning to Split. Possibility of lunch in Trogir (fish/meat menu).
Klis –  Medieval fortress
Klis fortress is the one of the oldest fortress built in the 16th century at the time of the Ottoman invasions of Europe, and have been defending Split city form the Turkish Empire.  Medival fortress of Klis is located on high cliffs and once had great strategic importance as it guarded the pass between Mosor and Kozjak mountains, the route by which any force coming from the east had to come to reach the coastal region of Split. The most important parts of the fortress, with the vital objects are the governor’s residence, St. Vid’s church, gun powder storage, the garrison. The fort’s hilltop location is a good place to watch the sunset and has spectacular view on Split, islands and mountains. Klis is also well known for its restaurants that serve delicious spit-roasted lamb, known as “janjetina” (possibility of lunch). Salona – One of Croatia’s richest Roman sitesSalona is the most important archeological spot, the capital city of the roman province of Dalmatia. In ancient times, it was the crossroads of sea and land routes of the ancient Mediterranean. When you are walking through the city you can feel the Roman and early Christian spirit that takes you back in the past as you are walking next to the old Basilica Urbana, its baptistery, Theather, Forum and the old Christian cemetery Manastirine. Visiting one of the three Roman amphiteatres on the east Adiatic coast you will experience the emotions of the ancient gladiators standing in the middle of that spectacular construction. The archeological site of Salona is one of the richest Roman sites in Croatia. In front of the Tusculum beautiful yard will offer you a great chance to take a rest and enjoy beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Trogir – One of UNESCO protected cities since 1997.
The town of Trogir, is listed on UNESCO’s registry of World Cultural heritage monuments and a town-museum in the very meaning of the word. Most representative works as churches, palaces,  towers, Camerlengo fortress,  chapels and Christian painting are located within. Artists from that period are recognized as the masters of European middle age cultural heritage . The most well known monument is the Trogir cathedral, constructed in Romantic style, whose west gate was designed by the famous architect Radovan. It is no surprise that Trogir is called “the most beautiful little town in the world”. Trogir also offers beautiful promenade where you can enjoy in sea and sun but also in delicious specialties made by restaurants with domestic  tradition and politeness (possibility of lunch). PRICE: _______ Kn  per person
PRICE INCLUDES: transport, entrance tickets to Fortress Klis, Salona, entrance ticket to fortress Camerlengo, guide, insurance.

8:30    Departure from Split (Riva)
09:05 – 10:35    Sightseeing Klis fortress
10:35– 12:05    Sightseeing Salona
12:05 – 15:05    Sightseeing Trogir
15:15   Return to Split
Optional Intinerary: Trogir – Salona – Klis