Daily excursion cave VranjacaCave Vranjača is located in the foothills of the central part of of Mosor Mountain, near village Kotlenica. It was discovered in 1903., probably the most beautiful cave in Central Dalmatia, characteristic for the Dalmatian karst region. It has been found that people where living in the upper part of chambers, several thousand years ago. Its length is about 300 and depth about 65 meters. The cave is about 65-70 million years old, and it was created by an underground river. Today parts of the river Jadro are running about 10 meters below the lower parts of the cave. Village Radovići welcomes you to visit an old traditional village in original Dalmatian atmosphere! You will see how people used to live, taste and experience the making of an authentic snack of this area – soparnik ( Dalmatian vegetable pie inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List). Our host offers a welcome drink with home-made liqueur or brandy, wine, authentic „rakija“ and traditional snacks. For lunch – traditional „PEKA“. Enjoy in the rural ambiance and untouched nature, see domestic animals as goats, chickens, donkeys because they are not something you can see in urban cities around the Europe. Have fun and party with traditional music and game called „balote“. This game is played since antique and roman time and it is played with wooden balls. We are presenting natural environment, typical rural atmosphere… Come with us and have fun! PRICE: _____________ Kn per person PRICE INCLUDES: transport, entrance tickets to cave Vranjaca, lunch, guide, insurance. ITINERARY 08:30 Departure from Split (Riva) 09:00 – 11:00 Tour of cave Vranjača 11:30 – 16:00 Village Radovići, lunch 16:00 Return to Split